Who we are


About us

Midwest Paper Group is a privately held manufacturer and distributor of high quality recycled containerboard, natural kraft packaging and printing & writing grades. We have a rich history of innovation & manufacturing a diverse array of products from our Wisconsin manufacturing facility. Since 1889, we have built our business and market reputation based on multiple generations of our employee’s commitment to excellence, continuous improvement, diversification and the responsible use of our resources. 

Midwest Paper Group’s corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility are located in Combined Locks, Wisconsin. The manufacturing facility has an annual production capacity of 400,000 tons on three paper machines. The company employs about 320 workers, including approximately 260 employees represented by the USW Local 2-144.

Mission Statement

Midwest Paper Group is committed to empowering every level of the organization to achieve more. The backbone of our success is our dedication to the highest quality product & service delivered with a sense of individual pride and company spirit. We are committed to providing employees a safety conscious work environment with equal opportunity for learning and growth. Creativity and innovation are strongly encouraged and supported as part of our commitment to continuous improvement. 


Midwest Paper Group’s corporate office including sales, marketing and customer service as well as the manufacturing operations are located in Combined Locks, Wisconsin. 

Midwest Paper Group
540 Prospect Street
Combined Locks, WI 54113


We firmly believe that any operating practice that does not protect the earth is short-sighted and detrimental to our future as a thriving business. To us, environmental protection is also a personal concern because, like you, we want to breathe clean air, drink safe water, and enjoy the beauty of our great outdoors. Acting responsibly on behalf of the environment is factored into everything we do. 

Energy Conservation

Like other paper manufacturers, Midwest Paper Group relies on thermal and electrical power for energy and is continually seeking ways to reduce and conserve usage.

Midwest Paper Group owns and maintains a natural-gas-fired turbine co-generation system that produces steam for our papermaking operation, while providing electricity to the facility & local community. Midwest Paper Group is an EPA SmartWay Transport Partner. SmartWay Transport is a voluntary partnership between various freight industry sectors and the EPA that establishes incentives for fuel efficiency improvements and greenhouse gas emissions reductions. Partners commit to measure and improve the efficiency of their freight operations, using EPA-developed tools that quantify the benefits of a number of fuel-saving strategies. Visit www.epa.gov/smartway

Emphasis on Reduce & Reuse

If at all possible, nothing is given up as waste. Residual trim and side cuts from the papermaking process are repulped and reused. Colored waste paper is baled and sold or reused.  

Monitoring for Water & Air Quality

Second only to wood fiber, water is the most valuable natural resource used in papermaking. Water is needed to make pulp, produce paper, cool processes, and provide energy as steam. Much of the water used in our papermaking process is reused within our mill in closed loop systems. Any excess is treated in our state-of-the-art water treatment plant before discharge. Tests, such as biomonitoring, are conducted daily on treated water to ensure that it meets stringent environmental regulations before it is returned to the environment. We also continuously monitor air quality to ensure that we are in full compliance with the rules and regulations set forth by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.